Recruitment September 2020

The call for PhD positions is open!

The interviews are scheduled for 2-4 September 2020 and will be held in ZOOM, whereby the admission interviews should take place on Wednesday, 2 September if possible. The “lab visits” (e.g. interviews with the groups) can be scheduled during all three days. Such a “lab visit” should consist of meetings with the PI and group members and may also include a virtual lab tour. This could be a short video sequence to show the facility or the location and some lab members.


Depending on the prevailing travel restrictions, the LSZGS will support the candidates in organizing one single journey to Zurich for a maximum stay of 3 days. Should several PIs wish to meet the applicant, the visits will have to be coordinated to avoid multiple trips. As this process may extend over several weeks, there won’t be a final match-making monitored by the LSZGS. We will provide more details regarding the virtual and real lab visits as well as the matching procedure closer to the recruitment event in September and we will keep all information on this webpage updated.


As a consequence of possible restrictions still in place we have cancelled the welcome talk as well as the studients' get together on Wednesday and Friday night.


For questions, please contact your program coordinator or the LSZGS