BIO 663: The Impact of Ethics on Doing Science

Dates 6 & 8 September 2022, 9:00 am - 5:00 pm

In this interactive workshop we will examine the relationship between science and ethics.

On the one hand, science and its applications raise ethical issues in society and impact how ethical principles, such as justice or solidarity, are implemented. We will discuss the impact of science on ethical questions in society using the example of genetic research and its application in genetic tests and genome editing.

On the other hand, science is also affected by ethical principles in the form of code of conducts and guidelines. We will examine the effect of ethics on the practice of science by asking:
- What are these codes of conduct?
- How do we implement them?
- How are they evolving?

Focusing on practical examples we will address the questions like
- Should I ignore that data point?
- Should I perform that experiment?
The course includes case studies, paper discussions and exercises.

Prior to the course, participants will receive a preparatory task to be completed until the first course day.

Instructors   Dr. Anna Deplazes & Dr. George Hausmann, UZH
Location tba
ECTS 1.0