Introduction to R: Orientation to R Studio software and R language (online course)

Dates: 6 - 10 March 2023
Facilitator: Soledad De Esteban-Trivigno
ECTS: 1.0
Priority: Students affiliated in the MLS PhD Program
Course hours 13:00-13:50 Open office hours
• 14:00-16:30 Teaching
• 1 hour break
• 17:30-20:00 Teaching
• 20:00-21:00 Open office hours

• Manipulate basic data structures: vectors, matrices, dataframes, lists
• Install code packages and use functions
• Manage working directory and environment
• Establish good coding style practices

Read and inspect data
• Import tabular, spatial, and other data formats
• Perform quick data inspection via summary functions
• Perform quick data inspections via plot functions

Data management
• Identify and handle missing values
• Subset data by multiple methods
• Create new variables
• Group and summarize data
• Join two datasets based on common ID value
• Export data to common formats

Data visualization (ggplot2)
• Create common graphs (scaSerplot, boxplot, bar graph, time series plot)
• Customize graph text and aesthetics
• Export graphs to common image formats

Efficiency and reproducibility
• Identify common strategies to manage projects in R
• Use R Markdown to interweave code and text
• Find and evaluate R packages and help resources
• Write your own functions to perform common tasks

During the open office hours, the instructor will be available on Zoom to answer questions and
solve problems about the offline exercises.