Time- and Self-Organization Workshop

Dates 22 February, 1, 8, 15 March 2023, 1:30 - 5 pm

Why this workshop? One size does not fit all! Many people struggle with time-management and self-organization. As those struggles are highly individual, so are the solutions needed. Problems vary from procrastination and the lack of structure in the self-organization to difficulties to manage external expectations or getting support from the outside.

In the online workshop, we look at different methods for time-management. With this set of tools, everybody can find the right approach to increase personal efficiency and avoid becoming overwhelmed by a heavy workload. Furthermore, you learn to manage expectations from the outside and to influence your dependencies on other people in a positive way.

To obtain targeted self-organization, we discuss goal setting principles regarding different timescales. For achieving these individual goals, you will learn to know various prominent time-management and self-organization tools which help to prioritize tasks and to keep the overview. Individual reasons for procrastination are investigated and methods discussed of how to get started with things.

This course includes not only theoretical knowledge of the various methods and techniques. The participants are also practically challenged to apply the different approaches to their own goals and ToDo-lists. This way you will learn to match methods with your own personal challenges and thereby increase your efficiency and productivity.

As many tasks during the PhD are requirements from the PhD program or expectations from the supervisor, self-organization with respect to other people plays a very important role. This contains delegation of tasks, the setting of boundaries, expectation management and successful management of the legwork of other people. Self-organization can become especially challenging in times of stress with a high workload. Therefore, the importance of decision-making abilities, an appropriate way for self-criticism and the effect of outside sources of support are covered.

Outcome What you learn in the workshop
• Goal setting
• Prioritization and keeping the overview
• Self-motivational techniques
• Managing tasks involving other people
• Self-review of productivity and efficiency
• Digital tools for self-organisation
Instructor    Dr. L. Johanna Münkemer, johanna.muenkemer@rtta.net
Format online
ECTS 1.0
Contact gradschool@lifescience.uzh.ch