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Life Science Zurich Graduate School


Do you need advice on a personal matter or an issue regarding scientific standards? Then don't hesitate to contact the coordinator of your PhD program or your supervisor (or any member of your thesis committee). You can also ask Susanna or Helen at the Graduate School administration for a first advice. Don't wait too long if something is seriously bothering you.

Both the University of Zurich and ETH Zürich have a wide range of counseling offers for doctoral students who are in an extraordinary or complicated situation in life and need advice. Below, we have collected important links where you can find help in difficult personal situations and also get advice on best scientific practices.

Best Scientific Practices & Scientific Integrity

The following links take you to specialists on the topic on both UZH and ETH.

UZH: Research Integrity

ETH: Ombudspersons and trusted intermediaries

Policy UZH: Generative Artificial Intelligence

Weiterführende Informationen

Use the self assessment to check your stress level.

Guide to Best Scientific Practices

Best Scientific Practices & Scientific Integrity

More about Best Scientific Practices & Scientific Integrity

In this UZH leaflet you find all you need to know on the topic. If you have questions or are uncertain about anything you can also use the contact links listed on this page.