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Life Science Zurich Graduate School

Requirements at the beginning of the PhD

Thesis committee

In consultation with the direct supervisor the PhD student must form the thesis committee (within 6 months after the official date of employment at UZH, 12 months at ETH). The thesis committee must consist of at least three people and its composition must abide by the doctoral regulations of the UZH or ETH:

  • official supervisor (responsible faculty member)
  • direct supervisor (if not identical with the official supervisor)
  • at least one additional member
  • external member.

UZH/ MNF: two members must have the right to promote at MNF.
(Special regulations of the UZH Medical Faculty for the PhD Program in Biomedical Ethics and Clinical Science)

ETH / D-BIOL: two faculty members of the D-BIOL.

D-HEST, D-CHAB, D-BAUG, D-BSSE: no specification, the PhD program regulations are binding.

UZH/MNF: The official supervisor is responsible for informing the MNF about the thesis committee and any changes to its membership.

The members of the committee, as well as any changes to its membership, must be recorded with the PhD program.

Doctoral agreement

The doctoral agreement outlines the student's and the thesis committee’s expectations at the start of the PhD and addresses topics such as curriculum and teaching assistance. This milestone is compulsory for students enrolled at the Faculty of Science and has to be completed in the studentadmin database six months after the start of the PhD.