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Life Science Zurich Graduate School

A few facts in our favour

Strong curriculum and mentoring by top scientists

Our students benefit from a strong curriculum (transferable skills courses are deemed as important as specific scientific courses), a clear mentoring system (yearly meetings), social activities including career events, as well as an extremely broad range of over 120 different sports on offer by the Academic Sports Association Zurich (ASVZ).

Financial support provided

All our PhD students receive an employment contract, including accident & unemployment insurances. The offered salary is generous compared to international standards and allows a comfortable life in Zurich.

Zurich - "Little Big City" with global charm

In 2014, the "Lonely Planet" guidebook ranked Zurich as 'unmissable' destination among the top 10 cities to visit. Situated by the lake, not far away from spectacular mountains, home of learning and knowledge thanks to the two world class universities (ETH Zurich and University of Zurich), and with a wide choice of cultural activities,  Zurich is an attractive place to work and live in.

Over 50 nationalities represented in the LSZ GS

We recruit the best students from all over the world! More than 1600 PhD students and almost 600 faculty members belong to the 17 joint ETH / UZH programs of the LSZGS, providing exceptional training opportunities in a broad range of Life Science research areas.

External evaluation by Advisory Board

Our efforts to enhance the quality of the LSZ GS are supported by visits of an Advisory Board. Every second year, external reviewers assess several of our programs and monitor the implementation of the advised recommendations.

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