Contact points for PIs

The list below provides you contact points for people and advisory offices in connection with your role as a PhD supervisor, the university environment and more general questions.




All inquires

Coordinator of the PhD Program / LSZGS

Information about living and working in Zurich

Welcome Center


International Scholars Center


Primary contact center for professors

Office for Faculty Affairs


Abteilung Professuren


Questions relating to doctoral studies

Administration Doctorate


Office of the Dean & Office of Student Affairs MNF


Special assistance in IT infrastructure

IT Services at your institute

Information on research funding

Website Research promotion


Website UZH for Researchers


Information on combining working and parenthood

Website Childcare


Website Gender Equality


Questions of operational personnel management and personnel leadership

Human Resources (personnel consulting for departments)


Human Resources


Guidance services to teaching staff

Educational development

Guidelines for lecturers


Help and mediation in case of conflict



Persons of trust



Coaching for professors for free

Psychological Counselling Services PBS



ETH Women Professor Forum