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Life Science Zurich Graduate School

Recruitment of PhD students

Supervisors may recruit PhD students via the LSZGS (track I) platform when they have obtained funding to employ a PhD student for at least 3 years. Track I application deadlines are on 1 July and 1 December each year. Interviews are held from Wednesday to Friday in week 36 (July deadline) and week 6 (December deadline). Candidates apply via an online platform.Approximately 150 candidates, selected from a very competitive pool, are invited to Zurich for lab visits. Once in Zurich, the candidates are interviewed by the admission committees of the individual programs. Track I candidates accepted into the LSZGS may join any one of the 18 PhD programs within the LSZGS. PhD programs may request a service fee if a candidate is successfully matched to a position.

For the admission of students into a LSZGS PhD program who are interviewed by a principal investigator and selected for a PhD position (track II students), please contact the coordinator in charge of the program for detailed information.

Students holding a medical degree (MD, DVM, DDS) need to be admitted into the LSZGS through the MD-PhD program. For further information, please contact the program coordinator.