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Life Science Zurich Graduate School

Recruitment of PhD students

Supervisors may recruit PhD students via the LSZGS (track I) platform when they have obtained funding to employ a PhD student for at least 3 years. Track I application deadlines are on 1 May and 1 November each year. Interviews are held from Wednesday to Friday in week 24 (May deadline) and week 50 (November deadline). Candidates apply via an online platform. Approximately 150 candidates, selected from a very competitive pool, are invited to Zurich for lab visits. Once in Zurich, the candidates are interviewed by the admission committees of the individual programs. Track I candidates accepted into the LSZGS may join any one of the 17 PhD programs within the LSZGS. PhD programs may request a service fee if a candidate is successfully matched to a position.

For the admission of students into a LSZGS PhD program who are interviewed by a principal investigator and selected for a PhD position (track II students), please contact the coordinator in charge of the program for detailed information.

Students holding a medical degree (MD, DVM, DDS) need to be admitted into the LSZGS through the MD-PhD program. For further information, please contact the program coordinator.